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Case Studies - Movie Characters

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Steve K.

I'm still a little unclear on the distinctions, maybe some case studies would help.

How about "The Breakfast Club" (1985), plotline per IMDB reviewer: "Five teenagers are assigned detention on a Saturday morning and afternoon. They are a jock (Emilio Estevez), a hood (Judd Nelson), a rich girl (Molly Ringwald), a geek (Anthony Michael Hall) and a basket case (Ally Sheedy)." Agreed on the terms? One of the lines I remember is the "hood" telling the "jock" (wrestler), "I wanna be just like you, get a lobotomy and some tights."

Or how about Jack Black's character Barry in "High Fidelity"? He gets the best line in the movie, IMHO. Asked by a father if the store will sell him a sappy album for a daughter (which the store does have), Barry waves the guy away while answering, "No. Go to the mall." smiley - nahnah

Case Studies - Movie Characters

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a very nice vocabulary-increaser in ataku section too many comas before conjunctions "but ,and " are used they are not parenthesis in the anorak section the line should read" fanboy who...his"

Case Studies - Movie Characters

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Hi there - thanks for spotting the puntuation errors - it was a mighty big entry to sub so I am not surprised there are some slipped through smiley - headhurts Any excuses... smiley - winkeye

If any errors are found in entries, the best place to point them out is <./>editorial-feedback</.> then the Editors can correct them.

Just to let you know smiley - ok

Case Studies - Movie Characters

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

oops - that should be <./>feedback-editorial</.>

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