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different meaning of entrapment

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Dark Helmet

I lived in Las Cruces NM for 2 1/2 years. I found a very different meaning of "the land of entrapment". Didn't really ever find the meaning of "the land of enchantment". My first clue that I was in the wrong place was when people found out where I grew up. I spent most of my growing years in New Jersey. No anywhere in the country that I have traveled, when people find out that I'm from New Jersey they say " oh, I'm sorry, the armpit of the nation.". Not so with Las Cruces New Mexico. When ever a person from Las Cruces found out I was from New Jersey, they would say "that's so cool...what the hell are you doing here?"
Now for the entrapment part. My girlfriend and I decided that we could no longer stand to live in New Mexico so we decided to move. About a month before moving we took a trip to Austin, TX to search for apartments. Now, wages in new mexico were so low, that my girlfriend and I with our incomes combined could not meet the minimum salary requirements for any decent housing. I was working as a computer technician in Las Cruces and making less than I would working at Burger King in Austin.(this is not a joke....in Austin wendys starts employees at 9 dollars an hour)
So we were just barely able to meet the huge security deposit needed to counter for our horrible New Mexico pay.
I do miss the green chille though.
If you do happen to get stuck in that hell hole of Las Cruces....Eat at Dicks. The food is great and the waitresses are hot.

different meaning of entrapment

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Demon Drawer

Are you happy though?

BTW welcome to h2g2. Why not put something on your page so us mortals can greet you and say hi. smiley - smiley

different meaning of entrapment

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Although I never experienced it I was warned by a number of people (lets say 4) to be careful while driving through reservations in NM.
People claimed that the Indian cops were money mongers looking for people to ticket.
I suppose any tickets collected on are part of the US's debt to the natives.

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