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I have visited in New Mexico. My daughter taught at Yah Ta Hey at Chee Dodge Elementary School for a couple years. What about the People of the Dinetah (not sure of the spelling, ect) the Apache, Zuni, Pueblo etc. They have some excellent traditions. I loved the Spider Woman rock formation at Canyon De Chelly. Hope someone will speak up that knows more than I do because New Mexico has more than famous missle sights and movie diva's in it's history. what about the beautiful caves near white Sands, Carlsbad is the name I think. I saw the Very Large Aray with my husband the year we visited and it was enchanting too. If you don't go to a Navajo fair near Gallup or the Ceremonial East of Gallup in August you have missed some really facinating cultural entertainment and information.

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Canyon de Chelly is just over the border in Arizon but yes, it is easily as beautiful as the more famous Grand Canyon. And more real. It was bitterly cold went we went but we still saw only one other car.
As we were leaving we saw a line of horses, unattended, and followed them back to their corral, formed by walling in a curve in a rock face. There were soem Navahos talking behind the house but they paid no attention to us and we spent a quiet hour talking to the horses and stroking them. One of my favorite memories.

The thing that is hard to convey to those who have never been there is the vastness of the light.

Also well worth a look is the Gila Wilderness in southwestern New Mexico, a huge area of cave dwellings and incredible mountains.

I loved New Mexico, and I learned great respect for the Navaho in the time I spent on their reservation. I agree that the edited entry leaves something to be desired.

For further research look up the legend of the Anasazi smiley - smiley

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