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2 slip ups and an explanation

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Sorry to be a pedant, but being a bit of a fan, I've noticed a few wee flaws in this article.

1. Series one. This was actually called 'The Black Adder' not 'The Blackadder'. It was a title Edmund decided to give himself to sound important. I think his first suggestion was 'The Black Vegetable', which was overruled by Baldrick. It's also worth noting that this is the only series in which Baldrick is intelligent and Blackadder/The Black Adder is rather slow.

2. Series two. I disagree that the ending is odd. Prince Ludwig explains to his prisoners (Blackadder and Melchett) that he intends to impersonate the Queen and take over the country. The epilogue shows him doing just that. The joke is that the so-called 'master of disguise' looks exactly like himself but in a dress & wig.

3. Series three (my personal favourite). Chris Barrie didn't play the Ambassador, he was (in the character's own words) "an evil French revolutionary, who has murdered the Ambassador and turned him into pate".

Also, Blackadder Back & Forth has now been shown on telly so perhaps someone might now add a review?

2 slip ups and an explanation

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Mu Beta

I think you might find yourself struggling for volunteers on account of the fact that it was rubbish.


2 slip ups and an explanation

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The H2G2 Editors

Hello Ali Baba,

Thanks for the corrections. We've made some changes to this entry to incorporate some of the discussion about this entry today.

One thing though, Chris Barrie is *credited* as the Ambassador, but you're right about him being a revolutionary, so this line has been amended to take this into account.

And Master B - stop being a sour-puss, we've updated the Back & Forth bit too, so smiley - nahnah

(although, we might be persuaded to agree that this is perhaps slightly less great than the 'proper' series...)

The Eds

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