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and Re: the no evidence thing: the gospels are held as true despite being written by members of the (at that point) cult Jesus formed.

Is this really to be taken as a first hand proof that everything contained within it is factual?

Example: I really like stamps. So when i write about stamps i say they saved my life. They didn't, but others will eventually, finding what I wrote, translate it into a different language then use it as a basis for saying that stamps work miracles, and that a hairy fool from Newcastle-upon-tyne was the first benificiary and servant of the holy articles...

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It is very simple, we know only what we are let to see. The church holds all the ancient texts and dont let anyone see any of the secret or original ones. Ever wonder why?.......
The bibles are stories, there is no proof they are actual events. So it is just a beleif that they actually happend. It is like if someone read the Lord of the Rings and beleived it as true they might see the ring as part of god and become a beleiver, such as people who beleive in the Jedi religion. That is purely based on the films. See a connection on how things are made into religion?
All i can say is there is no need to take anything personally, we all have our beleifs, but to try and moan at others for showing their beleif if you openly show your own.
I am a Buddhist. But doesnt mean i dont beleive in god or any other gods weither they be greek or egyption all the way through the the chinese dragons. I enjoy studying history and religion. I am a massive enthusiast into Ordre Du Teple so i beleive they faught for a good cause and died for the wrong due to a french coward! I myself am looking for the Teplars as they have not vanished, just have become hard to find as of course they still are not accepted by the Vatican.


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