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The Holy Grail

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I recently heard that a chalice thought by many historians to be THE Holy Grail is on exhibition in a corner of the main Cathedral in Valencia. Presumably it was brought to Spain by the Templars, as historians can first trace it as being owned by the King of Aragon in the 14th century, just after the Templars had been thrown out.

Can anyone either confirm or deny this rumour?

I must confess, if it is true, I am a bit disappointed. I had visions of the Grail being found wrapped up in some parchment in the garden of a semi in Glastonbury.

The Holy Grail

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Researcher 195086

The holy grail is not found in Spain because it is a real person not a thing

The Holy Grail

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Researcher 195086

The Holy Grail

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Researcher 198064

Why do you think, the Holy Grail is a person?

The Holy Grail

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Dark Side of the Goon

I think this is a reference to the "Sang Real" (which I know I've spelled badly) - or Royal Blood. This in turn is a reference to the Meringovian dynasty, kings of France (i think) who were purported to have descended from Jesus Christ, who was spirited away to Europe after surviving the crucifixion and started a family with Mary Magdelene.

This semi-divine bloodline has been "behind" an awful lot of rumour and conjection concerning the Templars and the Grail. It's specualtion at best and obviously flies in the face of christian doctrine.

The Grail is also thought to be a corruption of an ancient celtic legend about a cauldron that could restore the dead to life. It's mentioned as being an Irish treasure and turns up in the Mabinogion, in the hands of the men of Ulster. I don't remember exactly, but I think Bran (an English hero) swiped it and brought it home. This story may have been used as the basis for several Grail legends, including King Arthur's grailquest, since early Celtic christians were not above altering local legends to fit Christian teachings.

The Holy Grail

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Meis Geghra

The idea that the Holy Grail is a person was dreamed up by a French charletan and bolstered by unscrupulous publishers. The Merovingian's have no more blood of the Deity than you or I.

The Templars may have had arcane knowledge about Temples some of which survives in Masonic circles but it has nothing to do with a bloodline to Christ.


The Holy Grail

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Researcher 201603


Is this an alternative to the 'Rex Deus' lineage? If so, the blood-line is traceable back to King David, not Jesus (Jesus was a descendant of David). Descendants of these Rex Deus families exist today, in Europe, Asia and the far East.

Various definitions of the 'Grail' include the sacred cup that was used by Jesus at the last supper, in which Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood from the crucified Jesus, a 'Stone upon which Kings are made', a scroll containing the secret teachings of Jesus, and a 'path of righteousness' through which 'perfect enlightenment' can be attained.

The Holy Grail

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Researcher 211722

the holy gral is a man is the "sang real", you are a full if you think that is only fantascientificall object remember: "ET IN ARCADIA EGO..."
Dogoberto II, Sion,magdala, Rennes les chateau, catar, merovingi, templar.
the time is near...

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I read a book linking all this stuff together, with talk of Templars, Christ settling down with Mary Mag, living in le Midi and being buried somewhere in the middle of a French mountain. The authors' main evidence seemed to stem from two paintings of sheperds and a couple of scantily clad sheperdesses (sp?) gathered round a tombstone like thing upon which was inscribed "Et in arcadia ego", along with the undoubtedly astounding observation that if you took a map of France, drew a few "cleverly" placed lines, you'd end up with an arrow pointing to the afore-mentioned mountain. A piece of brilliant academic scholarship if ever I read one.

The Holy Grail

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I just found your entry from 6 years ago. My understanding of the Holy Grail is, that it is the original and genuine teachings of Christ.

If this "version" of the interpretation of the Holy Grail interests you, the teachings were now reproduced in the language of the 21st Century, and are available in form of the Dhaxem Concept of Rational Spirituality available on the Dhaxem website:


I also understand that the Chalice that had been used by the Cathars during their holy ceremonies was referred to as the Holy Grail. To date this is hidden in the rocks under Montsegur, but will be retrieved by the spiritual descendents of Christ, re-incarnating on Earth. You may be aware that the Cathars were annihilated in 1244 on the orders of the Pope, but managed to hide their tresuruse before their demise. The treasures consisted of Christ's true teachings, and of the chalice.

The Holy Grail

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Lucky Llareggub - no more cannibals in our village, we ate the last one yesterday..

In Glastonbury indeed FCL-BW? It's on the mantlepiece in a B&B in Aberystwyth as you and I well know.

The Holy Grail

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Actually in the oldest tales is San Graal (holy plate). Thats how it appeared in Chretien De Troyes Parcival which is the oldest known grail story. The whole blood line nonsense is based on wishful thinking.

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