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Unlucky numbers in Japan

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"and in Japan the numbers four and nine are also unlucky for similar reasons, they sound like words for death and pain respectively."

Four (pronounced "shi" or, if you prefer, "she") is avoided only in limited situations (such as the custom of not having four people in a photo) but nine ("ku" or, if you prefer "coo") must be a superstition in abeyance. The modern word for pain is "itai" which, fortunately, has no resemblance to any number I know -- certainly not 42.)

Unlucky numbers in Japan

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Captn Rhett

Yes.. Shi (or Shinu in the verb form) is "Death" and I will agree with you that 9 is not considered unlucky. However; nine is said kyu (kiu) not coo...
Sorry about that bit.
And considering that kyu is also the counter for school grade level (different kanji) I don't see how it could be considered an ill omen.

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Unlucky numbers in Japan

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