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The Flying Dodo

re cornering & countersteering, I like the MSF approach:

Look left, push left, go left.

[only if you want to go Left, of course]. [could readily be transferred to other directions]. smiley - smiley
MSF = Motorcycle Safety Foundation.


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While this is a good general primer for motorcycling, one must ALWAYS remember that at any and all times every car is trying to kill you. I don't say this with any disrespect meant towards those who navigate their cages around, but it has been my general experience that all cars must be treated like strange dogs; be wary of them and smack them with a rolled up newspaper if they get out of line. Here in the U.S. we have the additional unfortunate menace of SUV's to deal with. These are the worst of the pratts on the road. They feel nice and secure in their tanks looking down on everyone else (frequently with a cell phone that's been surgically grafted to their left ear so as to completely block their blind-spot) and leaving behind more carnage than the last ten minutes of the "Blues Brothers."
For those interested in taking up this wonderful (and ecologically sound) form of transportation here in the U.S. find a local ABATE course and enroll. It will teach you some wonderful fundimentals and lower your insurance.
Be safe, keep the rubber side down, and watch out out there because nobody else is.


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Pond_Rat [life is weird - laugh at it.]

That's prat with one T thank you.

But fully agree with the sentiment all cars is out to get ya, even here down-under.

BTW - Why do Americans assume they are the only country that has 4WD vehicles in suburban areas (your SUV's)?? We all suffer from yuppies in off-road vehicles that never get Off a Road.! smiley - cheers

Keep it upright .


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I was wondering if anyone could help me? i understand that you should first change ur position then do all ur braking and change gears before u enter a turn. im on a 125cc bike and i often find myself doing all the braking change gears but disengaging the clutch during a corner and engaging it again as i begin to accelerate out of the corner. is this wrong, ok, or a bad habit?? the other thing i find myself myself doing is disengaging and engaging the clutch again when i let go of the throttle and begin accelerating again, similarly to the way i would when accelerating from a stand still. is this ok?

cheers ben


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I think what you're saying is you hold the clutch lever in but don't change gears through a corner, so just holding the clutch in for a moment or a while, is that right? So in effect you are putting the bike in neutral - coasting through the corner...if this is what you are doing, this is NOT a good thing. You lose control of your engine - so no engine braking, and no ability to control speed by rolling on or off your throttle, and depending on the engine revs when you release the clutch you could have all kinds of negative effects on the handling of the bike. Unless you are changing gears, don't pull the clutch lever in - especially when going down-hill, or through corners...

Get some professional lessons - even just one will help you a lot!

smiley - cheers

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