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There are a few characters missing in the entry for 'Ally McBeal'. It needs a little updating.


Played by Lucy Liu, she growls threateningly at anyone she doesn't like, which is pretty much everyone. Furthermore, she has been going out with Richard Fish, that being quite the most unusual relationship depicted on television, involving knee pits and the like.


He was the replacement for Billy after he died. Somewhat nondescript character. The most interesting thing was when he went out with a woman who had previously been a man!


She arrived on the scene as an ice queen, but has softened a great deal. She was going out with John Cage for a while, but has returned to being her usual frigid self, often describing sex as just rather icky.


I don't know if these episodes have reached the UK yet (I am based in the US), so I won't give too much away. Needless to say, his appearances became a little sporadic after the first 8 or so weeks, because he was rather busy in LA being arrested, appearing in court and attending rehab. The general consensus in LA being that he is great in Ally McBeal, and we hope he gets better soon.

There is another new character played by Tae Digs, but I can't remember the name for the life of me. He comes in as a bit of a love interest for Ling and Ally's housemate.

Also, in the latest series there is a fantastic cameo performance by Sting - has to be one of the best cameos so far on Ally.

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Missing characters

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