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I can't really see why Ally should be a drawback to feminism - more than other shows, that is. At least here everybody is a jerk - and a person at the same time, which is more than can be said for most female parts on television. And of course, irony plays a big part in it. So even Elaine cannot really be disliked, can she? Especially because she is so totally unashamed of herself.
I do detect some strangely conservative tones, though, from time to time. For example Ally fell in love with Mr. Right once who then confessed he was bisexual. This worried her terribly and in the end she decided not to go out for him. And it was made to seem like a perfectly understandable if not entirely tolerant decision - whereas in my opinion it is just plain prejudice.


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Martin Harper

Yeah - I don't see the anti-feminism thing either. I'm tempted to suggest that it's in the mind of the researcher, rather than in the series itself. Yes, Fish is anti-feminist - and anti-ethical too, come to that - but to go from that to saying that the entire series is anti-feminist... I don't see it.

Elaine is great - because she's happy to admit to being who she is - and sees no need to change that to conform to the expectations of society. Which is, after all, what feminism is allegedly all about. Elaine insecure...? I don't see it. Renee an anti-hero? I *definately* don't see that: she's a role model for Ally on a number of occasions, for starters.

Ho hum - I should try and watch it more often... smiley - smiley

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