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well this is basically me.. i have no life i play computer all day i dont feel like school is challenging enough/fulfilling i mainly have only a few internet friends and that is it, i have 2 friends at school and only 1 i think i can trust, and ive been drug free/alchol free my whole life and im feeling like starting one, i have a lot of stress at home considering i have a brother (18) a sister (17) my mom and dad who are not the problem they are the coolest parents i could ever wish for, my uncle i think mid 40s my cousion she is 25 my cousions 2 daughters (6 yrs, and 4 months) i dont know why but my only relaxation i reading, or computer and im in 9th grade im 14 yrs old and i really need help i feel as if my life is a living hell i need to find some way to deal with life because i dont know how... please tell me how to tell my parents or whoever because i need help i think tommorrow im goin to tell my friend i can trust that my life is starting to go to hell to see if he will help me but please someone answer my cry...


Frank Herbert-
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BTW i want to note about my parents they arent the kind who say do whatever the hell you want... no they let me make my own decisions and let me do alot within reason and i think they brought me and my brother and sister up very well even thou they werent especially brought up well... and also my uncle, cousion and her daughters just moved up here from texas because my cousion was having troubles


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my email is [email protected]
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zorander i no how u feel im going thru same thng n i feel as tho every1s agenst me ma dads ignoring the fact tht im depressed n its just an act ma mums is 2 blind 2 c anything wrong with me she just takes no notice at all!
my dads always putting pressure in me 2 do well at skool n he always criticizes everything i do wrong he he dusnt even realise he dus it!!!!!!
i no he loves me but i dont like the way he treats me n ge alsways calling me selfish n sspoilt i get bullied at skool n ma frends r no help
i h8 the way i look i h8 ma nose more i get bullied 4 it so mam mum n dad paid 4 me 2 have it dun at end of year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ma bro(22) has just come out of hospital 4 depression n im thnk he used 2 cut himself ive seen scars but he woont tell me n neother will ma parents but i understand if did cos i did it ma self but i tld ma frends n thy were gr8 n i tld ma other bro(25) n he wos gr8 n he promised not 2 tell ma mum n dad.

im really sorry 4 telling u all this but it feels gr8 just 2 tell sum1 else n get it off ma chest theres more but i dont really wanna put more down i dont 1na bore u



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7 years on for zorander and 4 years on for researcher..
how are you two guys getting along?
wish i could have been of some help at the time but I'm only just 15 now! hope you're both okay now though.


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Hi! My name's Aximili. Firstly, welcome to H2g2!smiley - smiley I'm sure you're going to love it here.

Secondly, I wouldn't expect a reply from these guys. Neither has posted ion this site for a long time, so they are what is known as 'Elvised'.

I don't suffer from depression myself, but I know people who do, and my sympathy goes out to them.

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