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Uni without alcohol

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Smiley Ben

I've always thought it really weird the idea that Americans do the whole University thing without alcohol, which is one of the main themes of British university life...

I guess it explains fraternities, though...

Uni without alcohol

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This is probably false but someone told me this and it sounds quite a good argument, anyway

When a heard of buffalloes or similar type thing get attacked by a lion all the buffalloes run away (sensible enough thing to do) however they do not protect the weaker, slower members of their species. These poor sods then get eaten by the lion. Hence the heard in general becomes stronger and faster.

Now heres where I'm beginning to get to the point

The human brain can only work at the speed of the slowest brain cells.
When alcohol is consumed in Student quantities the slower brain cells are also the most vulnerable and so these are the ones that get killed off.

Therefore by the time a Student finishes UNI there brain should be able to run faster than when they started.

Uni without alcohol

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Americans don't actually do the whole Uni thing without alcohol, you know. It just appears that way from the laws. smiley - winkeye Plus, the 21 age is rather new, about 10-15 years old. In fact the last state to pass a 21-year-old drinking age probably did so less years ago than that.

I highly doubt raising the age has had much effect on any of the things they wanted it to affect. Anyone know of a recent study on that?

Uni without alcohol

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Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

Just observation. Believe me, alcohol has NOT disappeared from college life. Even high schoolers drink here (I'm 14, and I've been to several drunken parties). In the good old USA, party = booze. Part of it is the whole 'forbidden fruit' aspect. It's a great thrill to go into a liquor store or a gas station and stand there as the clerk inspects your ID (which you either faked, or 'borrowed' from an older sibling).

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Uni without alcohol

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