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Marathon and Sprint Kayak

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I must take umbrage with this section I realise that has been here a while but was drawn here from a recent article in BBC news.
Marathon Kayaks do have rudders not just skegs as described. Marathon does not denote a distance as in running but is more descriptive of the effort involved. Marathon races run from as little as 5km to as many as 200 plus. What is important is the type of boats used marathon boats are generally a lot more unstable than the type of boats generally used in whit water. They are also what we refer to as open cockpit. This means that should you capsize you will generally fall out as your knees are exposed and not inside the boat.
As mentioned by another commentator the sister discipline to marathon is sprinting. This sport uses very similar boats and is run over distances of 200m, 500m, 1000m and 2000m. This is one of the Olympic Kayaking sports and events are generally held on the same regatta lakes as rowing. Again these boats have rudders.
I think it is very important for people to realise that kayaking is an incredibly diverse sport and that anyone starting out in the sport does not have to know how to roll or handle themselves on rapids. For people who want a good way to keep fit and healthy paddling a marathon boat can present just as many challenges.

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Marathon and Sprint Kayak

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