A Conversation for The Kayak: An Introduction

Often incorrectly described as a canoe1,

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Researcher 192624

Actually, the kayak IS a canoe.
The Canadian style canoe is the kneeling, usually opendeck version.
A canoe is any small craft with a pointed bow and stern.
Expert Boater

Often incorrectly described as a canoe1,

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Micheal Jay Mole

Welcome kayak! I am Micheal Jay Mole, ACE. The ACE means I am here to help you along. You have made a good start. It takes some new members a while to figure our how to post a conversation. Your next task is to write up an introduction: tell us about yourself. Then try to make journal enteries as often as possible. Thats the way to get other h2g2 members to check you out and start posting to you. I may be an ACE but you may need to check with Archangle Galaxy Babe, Amy P paper lady of the Mugwhumps, and others who have put a lot of time into the html version of their page. Me, I'm all text. Never could figure out html. I have met an incredible number of folks here: Rockin Granny Weatherwax is a must; and Amy the Ant, Guru, knows EVERYTHING but she is not feeling well just now. Feel free to surf and jump into conversations, try to remember to check the history of the conversation so you aren't repeating anything. Give me a shout if you need help.

Micheal Jay Mole, ACE

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Often incorrectly described as a canoe1,

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