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21st Century guitar heroes.

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Who in your opinion is a modern day guitar hero? who in your eyes rules the guitar, and will be remembered in 50 years time..

21st Century guitar heroes.

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Kaki King.

21st Century guitar heroes.

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My list is almost endless, but if I'm pushed to choose, say, five names (excluding anyone obvious such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck etc.) they would be:
Robert Fripp: from King Crimson to just about every cool art rock record of the last 40 years (Bowie, Talking Heads, Eno, Blondie). Fripp's amazing. Invented his own tuning too.
Tom Verlaine: Guitarist with the mighty Television (Marquee Moon etc) and a singular stylist. Equal parts 50s twang and psychedlic folk. Heavily influenced by...
Richard Thompson: ex Fairport Convention, helped invent folk rock masterful writer and just astounding technician.
Nels Cline: Originally a jazzer, now resides in amongst the ranks of alt country heroes, Wilco. Tall, noisy and utterly bewilderingly jaw droppingly good.
Eivind Aarset: Norwegian nu-jazz guitarist with electronica leanings. Check out his 'Electronique Noire' recordings.

CAVEAT: ask me tomorrow and you'll get a totally different listsmiley - winkeye

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