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A bowl of soup served with(unwanted)extras

"Thumbs up"
Probably a steak or other flat item which has been rescued from the floor and held in place by the waiters digit.

"Fluff Burger"
As above but a burger (obviously)

"Kiddies Portion"
The left overs from a big plate

Foul tasting warm brown liquid bearing no resemblance at all to what we normally drink

The only way waiting staff can afford to live on the p*** poor wages they get paid!!!!

Waiting staff everywhere.... Livz salutes you!!!!!

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*gives Livzy a big fat high-five* smiley - smiley

Part of me really misses the readily available cash-on-hand that table waiting offers. Especially since my (ahem) "career change", i.e. A return to living from paycheck to paycheck. smiley - winkeye But the sad fact is that MANY people don't understand or don't care that servers only make what is left on the table. Tips aren't a "bonus" - they're what keep the lights turned on. (At least that's how it works in the United States where most servers make less than minimum wage plus tips. I'd love to get input from servers in other countries regarding tipping practices around the globe.)

Thanks ever so much for adding to the list of "slang". There's a ton of it out there and it varies from region to region. I also plan to write a Guide entry on tipping and/or restaurant etiquette - if you'd like to help, maybe we can do a joint entry! smiley - smiley

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Your place or mine??!!

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smiley - smiley How about both? I'll get to work on it just as soon as I can, as I'm at an incredibly busy place right now (I'm working on three different entries right now, and I'm behind on every single one smiley - winkeye ). But if you happen to whip anything up, feel free to mail me any time from the spinny thing on my page. Look forward to hearing from you! smiley - smiley

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Administrator-General (5+0+9)*3+0

Check out http://www.h2g2.com/forumframe.cgi?forum=31238&thread=36289, "Rewards for the Bar Staff", wherein I endorse the 20% rule.

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Thank you so much! I seem to remember reading that a while back and thinking it was a great article! smiley - smiley

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Nottigham Uni Hiker

Another term to be added: 'Nuke'

To re-heat,a pre-prepared (or cold!) dish in a microwave. Akin to 'Firing' normal food.

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