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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

...(what little of it I know) seems to work the other way round - the slang is often longer than the original. For instance,

Dough well done with cow to cover - hot buttered toast
Customer will take a chance - hash
Put out the lights and cry - liver and onions
Zeppelins in a fog - bangers'n'mash
Belch water - soda
Adam and Eve on a raft - two poached eggs on toast
Whistleberries - beans
Sweep the kitchen floor - hamburger
Wrecked hen's fruit - scrambled eggs
Nervous pudding - jelly
One cow, make it cry - hamburger with onions
Put wheels on it - to go (takeaway)
A bucket of cold mud - chocolate ice cream

And a few more that just plain crack me up

Looseners - prunes
Crowd - three of anything
Baled hay - Shredded Wheat
City juice - water
Burn the British - toasted English muffin
Breath - onion
Sinkers and suds - coffee and doughnuts

And one that I don't get at all

Drag one through Georgia - Pepsi with chocolate syrup

I have a few more, and if anyone can add to them, or if anyone can explain the history and usage, maybe we could get an entry together.

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