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Researcher 93445

The entry as edited makes is appear that you are given a single bar code according to whether your blood is safe or unsafe. This is absolutely incorrect. You are given a sheet of paper with two bar codes on it, and you can choose which one to use in privacy. The Red Cross has gone to great lengths to make this procedure confidential, to protect both the blood supply and the donor.

This error was not in the original entry, as anyone who cares to check the version in my submitted entries stack can easily determine. It was inserted by the editors.


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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

I noticed that, too. I've given blood on a few occasions, and I'm sure that for MOST people it goes the way you've described here. You probably don't want me describing MY experiences on your page here, but if you want to know what happened when I, for instance, attempted to donate plasma, drop by my page... smiley - smiley

If it's any consolation, I STILL GIVE BLOOD when I can afford to.



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Thanks Mike

This should be correct now.

Cheers smiley - smiley


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Researcher 93445

Thanks for the quick fix.

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