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Be Careful, Though...

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Most of the time, donating blood should go off without a hitch. A few things you need to be aware of, though...

1) If you are donating at a school drive, try to get in early. Often times the students in attendance choose to eat all the food and drink all the juice/soda/whatever, leaving you with maybe a glass of water and an oatmeal raisin cookie. NOT a good thing after you've just come off the donating bed. Happened to me once. No, it wasn't fun.

2) Things do not always run according to plan. That said, do not give up donating. Sometimes the drives are crowded and you've got a huge wait time. Sometimes the person with the needle goofs up and the net result is a less comfortable experience than you'd hoped for. Don't give up. You ARE saving lives.

3) Be nice to the volunteers working at the drives, especially at the crowded, wild blood drives that go on all day and bring in more than a hundred donors. You're only there for the time it takes to donate. They will likely be there all day. And no, it's not always a picnic. (Been there, done that, too.)

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Be Careful, Though...

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