A Conversation for Sleep Deprivation

Tea and slow mornings. . .

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Demosthenes (Irrefutable FooFighter, Fire loving Pyro, and general Psycopath. "I dun descriminate. I hate everyone eaqually.")

This is probably the BEST solution to slep depravation. Sleeping in, and, after waking, drinking tea and relaxing untill about two o' clock, after which you can do as much running 'round in circles as you like. Tea tastes better than coffee, and is not as carcenogenic, Hec, tea isn't carcenogenic at ALL, but you know what they say 'bout cofee. AND IT TASTES LIKE RANCID DOG PISS!!!! Coffee wasn't even meant to be a beverage in the long turn. It was invented in america, and the sour garbage was drunk ONLY because the american colonists had cut themselves off from tea supplies. I'd say more, but i have to go fix some tea, and my kettle's screaming at me, but check out thread A620597 for the rest of this conversation.

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