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Sleep Deprevation

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It is all well and good telling yourself to GO TO SLEEP when you are tired. But sometimes it is NOT that simple. I suffer from what is medically know as Sleep Apnea (can't remember how to spell). SOmetimes I can sleep for 20 hours or more then I am up for days with not a closed eye in site.

Sleep disorders are very common especially in those suffering from depression and other such ailments. It is never so easy as to 'Just closing your eyes', sometimes a doctor is needed to intervene and to give you some professional help.

So if you are ever in the position of not being able to sleep, firstly try to figure out how often this is happening and if it is more than 24 hours go visit your doctor. Sometimes a talk will do the trick and the doctor will give you some good advice about what to do if talking doesn't help.

Alwyas remember NEVER suffer in silence.

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Sleep Deprevation

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