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Your second footnote concerning the definition of igloo is only correct when refering to an igloo in a modern Western vision of said structure. However the word itself, and versions of it, has been a part of native american languages since the poeple who dreamed up the concept of igloo ever thought to think of something to call this concept. No doubt this happened long before american movie goers ever saw Bugs Bunny duck into one to avoid the shots fired by Artic hunter Elmer Fudd.
Indeed, the primitive American's concept of igloo was not just the one emergency shelter described in your entry, but rather a name for the place where they slept. Be it a temporary structure, or an underground dwelling. In short, Igloo may more properly be translated as "structure" "shelter" or "home."
By that definition then it may be said that Alaskans do indeed live in Igloos, save for a small "home"less population. In fact, it may be said that most of the world lives in igloos. In a more esoteric sense it may be argued that the Earth is our common igloo.


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