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Researcher 189979

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The legacy of Roswell is both perplexing and confounding... But Roswell more than an other event in history may well have more import for the millennium than any other single sociological, historical, scientific, or metaphysical phenomenon in human evolution... The synchronicity of the events surrounding the July 1947 occurrence is more than just uncanny; it surpasses "eerie," and when viewed and examined honestly and objectively, flys in the face of legacy, prophecy, and preordained fate. In modern times, there is little else to compare with its disturbing and unsettling revelations. Occurring as it did, the event was preceded, if not precipitated, by the closing events of World War II....

As history well records, the development of nuclear technolology was initiated by Dr. Albert Einstein. In a secret letter written to President Franklin Roosevelt circa 1942, Einstein warned Mr. Roosevelt of the likelihood that German science was close to the development of a nuclear weapon--a weapon so vast, so advanced, and so awesome in its potential that it veritably replicated the dynamics that power the sun and even the very universe itself...

By perhaps some measure of fate or possibly by luck itself, Roosevelt took the warning seriously, this despite the seemingly preposterous proposition that it was a weapon so devastating that it could eventually be perfected to a degree that threatened the very continuance of human survival... Apparently not wishing to directly participate in the weapon's creation, Einstein, it seems, declined to head the project, and instead, specified a colleague whom he regarded as fully capable to meet the strenuous demands that the task entailed--Dr. Robert Oppenheimer--a physicist and man not unlike Einstein, and much as Einstein, a certifiable Jewish-American intellectual in his own right.

Appropriately enough, the location for the top-secret project, code-designated "Manhattan," was chosen--an isolated region in northern New Mexico, part of which had been ceded long before to the San Illdefonso Pueblo Indians by the federal government in a well-documented treaty that the regional natives had wisely and carefully negotiated in the knowledge and awareness of those who had been victimized under similar circumstances before them... But pressed by the emergency War Powers Act, an act which had been hastily passed in the face of a world war, the tribe was hard-put to defy the decree by federal officials that the land was needed for defense purposes. And so, with the caveat that due value for the leased use of the land would be rendered as compensation to the tribe, an agreement in principle was reached between the two parties... After many long months and known only by its identity as a post office box, the top secret research center eventually became known as Los Alamos National Laboratory....

The history and prehistory of North America and the American Southwest is shown to chronologically parallel even that of ancient Sumerian, Minoan, and Egyptian Civilizations, with signs, at least of highly intelligent--primitive only if by the engineering and architectural standards that mark its globally remote contemporaries--sophisticated habitation dating back as far as the Neolithic era of human ancestry. And like it's ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern counterparts, the prehistoric North American shores show evidence of extraordinary knowledge and learning far in advance of their time and utterly implausible to those who can ascribe such knowledge only to the advanced intelligence gained from compiled empirical data. Yet such phenomena as the precise Mayan calandar and the exact calculations of solar and lunar eclipses stand in direct defiance of any such theory, let alone the all-but-impossible accomplishments found on the Giza Plateau, where the great pyramids still stand, alone and unrivaled as the world's oldest and foremost engineering achievement now for nearly five millennia.

After years of struggle, trial, and error, Oppenheimer had closed in on the object of his quest. Inspiring him on throughout much of his work had been a Gentile woman with whom he had fallen deeply in love... Shortly before the project breakthrough, which had eventually led to the detonation of the first atomic bomb, the woman who had inspired him throughout his long and trying ordeal died after a lengthy struggle with cancer... Griefstricken, the profoundly troubled Oppenheimer, then began to realize the global consequences of his work and achievement--the potential of a worldwide nuclear holocaust... As the head of the project, Oppenheimer was granted the right to name the proposed site at White Sands Missile Range, where the first and only test would be necessary. Resignedly, it seems, he elected to name it "Trtinity Site...."

The rest is textbook history. The device was successfully detonated on July 16, 1945, and less than a month later two such devices were dropped on the empire of Japan, thus ending the bloodiest and costliest war in human history...

Today, White Sands Missile Range remains a closed military facility, which permits public entry and viewing on only two days each year.... As if designed by some unseen hand of a grand design, presently three sites quite possibly compose the offspring of that pivotal event in July of 1945, and fulfill a prophecy and namesake initiated almost 60 years ago. Uncanny as it seems, Roswell (or Corona as it is more correctly known), the scene of the most famous UFO incident and governmental coverup in history (barring the possible exception of the JFK assassination conspiracy and coverup, and the 5-year suppression of the Zapruder tape) is located some 70 miles northeast of Trinity Site; and comprising the third leg of the triad is the Radio Telescope Observatory Array (VLA) some 20 miles west of Socorro... The three together comprise one of the oldest testimonials in the history of mankind.....

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Roswell Reprise

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The Dali Llama

Are you aware of what Oppenheimer allegedly said, when he witnessed the test explosion? The quotation I have seen is "I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.."

Roswell Reprise

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With respect to the contributive recollection by the Dalai Llama,of Oppenheimer's comment. The definition of Death itself as 'the destroyer of worlds'is still worthy of some further thought. In context clearly no brag;must have weighed upon his mind even more;a point easily overlooked. Thanks to the Dalai Llama for recalling this statement;its important philosophical bearing. That a single man should represent 'It' would seem too much. Noted also that Einstein clearly thought himself trapped by events. The Roswell incident in the same area raises doubts again about latent decision-making/political pressures;whether any secret correpondence will ever be 'discovered' in centuries to come to 'activate' scholars.

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