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Black Cats and Shooting Stars.

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It's odd. Here in the U. S., when a black cat crosses your path, it's supposed to be BAD luck. (I know it's the other way around elsewhere.)

However, here in Salem MA, "The Witch City," the above does not apply.ALL cats crossing your path are considered lucky, as long as they don't stop and stare at you.

Also, I've got a question. What can any of you tell me about shooting stars? I saw one the other night crossing the sky from left to right, and I wonder if any of you know if it's an omen of some kind.

I realize that the Persied Meteor Showers occur at this time of year, but this was very bright and well defined, even with the "Light Pollution" of the city, and, apparently, I'm the only one who noticed it. (The "Peak Viewing Time" was still 2 hours away)smiley - erm

Black Cats and Shooting Stars.

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in scotland it is considered good luck for a black cat to cross your path smiley - catsmiley - catsmiley - catsmiley - catsmiley - catsmiley - catsmiley - cat

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Black Cats and Shooting Stars.

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