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Another Monty Python game

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There is another Monty Python game not mentioned here - a platform game released in about 1990, as I remember playing it on my 386. I've still got it somewhere, so it wasn't all a dream.

I think it's just called Monty Python's Flying Circus, but I'm not sure - perhaps somebody bought it legally and has a box for it??! Anyway, it has much amusing animation Terry G style, and the main character is Gumby, who has his brains removed at the start of the game and spends the rest of the game collecting spam in various guises (himself, his head on a fish, his head on a bird, his head on a pogo stick, etc...)

It may be a bit older than the rest of the games on this page but it is absolutely brilliant none the less.

Another Monty Python game

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I found this text at GameFAQs.com. The game which you described was originally developed for the Commodore 64; apparently, you are not losing your mind (too bad).

"'Monty Python's Flying Circus'

Game Info
(Message Board)


Genre: Shooting (action)


[Name]1 Monty Python's Flying Circus
[Publisher] Virgin
[Released] 1990
[???] WW

Copyright 1995-2002 GameFAQs"

1-I added the row titles; I have no idea what WW stands for.

Another Monty Python game

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Researcher 198398

P.S. I could find no box pictures or screenshots, though FAQ's are available from the site on request.

Another Monty Python game

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Researcher 198398

There is an even older Monty Python game for the Commodore 64 which almost completely text. Here is the opening screen shot:


The box for the game you described is shown here:


and here


Happy Hacking!

Another Monty Python game

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Thanks! smiley - biggrin

Another Monty Python game

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Dag yo! Those links are completely dead and rotting in the sun! smiley - skull There wouldn't happen to be any other places that they can be viewed, are there? smiley - huh

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