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Firstly I would like to say that I do play hockey... VERY badly, and have therefore been moved into the goals (it was my decision actually... no one else would do it)

Now, I would like to confirm for everyone here that the damage caused by sand based turf hurts a lot, and take ages to heal, but in my case it was usually because of infection. I had one graze on my left shoulder at one stage that lasted fully 6 weeks... it was only a graze.

Another little bit you left out, was the fact that the goal keeper is allowed to cause damage to the attacking team, within reason. As long as it looks like I am going for the ball, I can break your ankles with my stick... might take a little bit to convince the unpire though. They don't usually send the goal keeper off (at least not in the lower levels)

And most importantly of all, you have forgotten the age old tradition of boat races. This may only be a game that is played in Australia, and even then probably only by university teams. The rules are quite simple and I will state here.

You need two teams (they can have any number of participants, but they must be equal numbers. Best played with between 4 and 6 a team)
Every player has a glass of beer placed in front of them
A call is made by a referee "Chins on the table, thumbs on the table, face the water" (where water means beer)
When this has been completed to the referees satisfaction he/she will call "go" and then it starts from one end of the table and the beer is skulled. The next player on the team is not permitted to move until his predecessor has finished.
The first team to finish, wins.

Great game smiley - smiley

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