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Battle of the sexes: Hockey

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Nottigham Uni Hiker

The subject of mixed teams, and that of local guys/girls teams playing against each other is one that should be understood, in all it's complexities before you even consider taking part in any mixed event. Noted below are the strengths and weaknesses of each sex:

Men: Strong, with powerful shooting skills and good staying power in defence. Typiclly larger players, making their keepers more effective. Also excel at post-match drinking. However, can fall foul of being too nice to the 'sweet little girls', and of not communicating with each other.

Women: Fast, especially over short distances, and with very good ball skills. Shots sometimes lack power, but are rarely off-target. Not afraid to damage male players in pursuit of the ball, but should never try to phyiclly barge them off it. Usually well-coordinated team work.

As a male hockey player, I hold the somewhat biased opinion that men should usually win. This is especially so if they get it into their heads that the girls are armed with 3ft of solid stick, and have chosen to play a physical, often dangerous game. Presumably therefore, they should not mind too much about the odd bruise or astro-burn, and should not be treated any differnetly to male players when it comes to tackles etc. Failure to recognise this fact will lead to the men conceding every tackle, short corner or in-the-D-melee that occurs.

This said, if you ever play a mixed match, always make use of the most talented players available, regardless of their sex. If you are lucky, the opposition won't have read this, and will leave the girls alone to score while the men defend.

Battle of the sexes: Hockey

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Jim the Wonder Llama (back from yonder)

Unfortunately I fell fowl to the opposite of the gentlemanly behaviour once on tour in Holland. One of our girls got injured, so we volunteered a guy in. Sadly it was me. I managed to be strong on the ball and I swear the girl just bounced off me. Maybe I did move my body into her slightly, but how was I to know she weighed a third of my weight? I was booed of the pitch.
So be careful!! They ARE small and delicate. smiley - winkeye

Battle of the sexes: Hockey

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When playing with women, i imagine that a cup might be necessary. Sometimes women don't understand how careful you have to be in that general vicinity.

Battle of the sexes: Hockey

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So back where cup wasn¡¦t there, which was the weak or say naturally handicapped?
Glad the implicated was hockey the most violent game, cos analogy was made to ruling and rulee that I haven¡¦t come to in mine, 2theConcerned for negligence to it.
Care to surf for it n de web?

Battle of the sexes: Hockey

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charlie witchkid

nonsense hockey is for girls and always will be
at school you only learn hockey in yr9 if ur a boy
don't you think that that might be trying to tell u something
at hockey we girls are just
smiley - magic

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