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Batteries for kids games

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I invested in rechargeable batteries for my kids'games to find that they aren't really powerful enough and have had to resort to buying the ordinary ones (again).

Batteries for kids games

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roll koel

Rechargeable batteries such as those based around nickel cadium technology have different output characteristics to those non-rechargeable batteries such as the alkaline units sold by Duracell. Basically Ni-cads tend to "fade" away, whereas alkaline give a "solid" output until suddenly the voltage drops.

Ni-cads also need "matching" as each cell gives a slightly different output. Alkalines tend to be closer in terms of output, ni-cads suffer from "memory" which reduces their overall performance. Ni-cads should always be run completely flat before recharging, otherwise, they take a memory and will only recharge to 70-80% capacity. For specialist applications like radio control car racing people spend time and money closely matching ni-cads to give optimum performance.

Many manufacturers of toys, games, etc. do not recommend using ni-cads for this very reason. Alkaline batteries are a real threat to the environment but they do give superior performance. What we really need is some major investment into planet friendly rechargeable battery technology.

Batteries for kids games

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I have no idea how planet friendly NiMH rechargeables are, but surely they must be better than throw aways. See my reply on the Nicad Vs Lithium for more details!

Batteries for kids games

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Thanks! At least I know why my dosh has been wasted now! smiley - smiley

Batteries for kids games

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Your NiCads also give out 1.2v per cell, trailing off as they discharge vs 1.5v staying more constant until death for your old regular cells.

So if you need 4 cells to make a 6v battery -regulated down to 5v for driving the electronics, you will be getting 4.8v with the NiCads which will soon drop off below what will make your game tick, and would be struggling to start with.

How about using a bicycle-peddle generator - will keep the kids fit while playing computer games - this will also "save the environment" - merely demanding that your kids eat a few more calories to burn off for the game. Stick a car battery in the circuit and a little voltage regulator - Then you would have to peddle for "x" amount of time to play, recharging the battery. And it would be wicked cool, the neighbours kids will be flocking to charge up the game .. or perhaps not.

Batteries for kids games

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I could report you to the N.S.P.C.C.! smiley - smiley

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