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One cat or two?

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I live in Brooklyn, New York in a one bedroom apartment that's a bit larger than average for the area. I'm thinking of adopting a cat or kitten. Or two cats or two kittens. smiley - smiley

Due to the urban setting, the only safe choice is to keep cats indoors. I'm interested in the tabby, calico, or general mutt variety. I'd prefer short hair and a gregarious temperment.

I live with a boyfriend who also likes cats. We both have full-time jobs. I've had cats before, and I remember playing with them and petting them a great deal when I was home.

I don't want to get one cat and have it become lonely or obese. I also don't want to get two cats and have them feel trapped with each other. I'm not sure which is more likely or which to be more concerned about.

We're also trying to figure out where to put the litter box. We live in a renovated brownstone. It's an open floor plan and there is only one small closet in the bedroom. Would it be best to miraculously make space in the closet? Or will it be okay with a little used corner?

I suppose we could buy a wardrobe or something...

Any advice is much appreciated. smiley - biggrin

One cat or two?

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Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Cats generally like a corner or a quiet place to go in the litter tray, they don't like to be watched smiley - winkeye Somewhere out of the way in a corner or a quiet wall would be fine.

Is there room in the bathroom? One thing that alot of people do is have a 'cat corner' where they have the tray next to the food bowls. This is a bit unhygienic but also cats instinctively don't use the same area to eat and pee so they need to be a good distance from each other.

Keeping two cats for company while at work is a great idea if you have a big house or if they go outdoors. but if it is a small house/flat then having 2 in the same house can cause problems. cats are not naturally a pack animal and are territorial.

Whilst cats get on with each other, they can still have psychological problems - such as overgrooming, inappropriate elimation, hair loss, intermittant diarr etc due to the stress of it.
This is becoming an increasingly recognised problem oftermed 'multi-cat household syndrome. (Google it and there is quite a bit of info on it)
One of my cats is on clomipramine (antidepressant) due to it although he would never hurt his sister, he needs his space away from her most of the time. Or at least a space he can call his own and she too needs a place that she feels she can escape (or hide) to. Then again there are cats that have no problems at all.

Cats will adapt to your working day quite well. When my parents come to visit they say the cats slept all day and only woke up about half an hour before I was due to get in (but my cats are older now). So if it is to keep each other company while you are at work then providing lots of toys and hiding biscuits around the flat for a cat to find can keep a cat occupied for a while.

I hope this helps a bit smiley - smiley


One cat or two?

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I'm afraid my bathroom is small and narrow. Putting anything on the floor would mean tripping over it constantly. smiley - tongueout

It sounds like a single cat would be the better way to go in my case. If nothing else, my huge windows with cat-sized ledges at sitting height should amuse the kittie while I'm away. It's common for neighbors to sit on porches, walk or run by, and take their dogs for walks down my street. I suppose some toys are also in order. smiley - smiley

One cat or two?

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If you are out at work 2 cats are better keeping each other company, and the best number of litter trays for 2 cats is 3 trays. Do put a cover over expensive furniture, and do buy scratching posts. If you are in the city make sure the cats will not get out if someone calls at the door, shut them in another room before you answer the door.
You will be fine and so will the cats, we have collected 9 cats and have the most peaceful house.
Good luck.

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