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Garlic recipes

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Here's mine:

Cook some pasta. Chop up some cloves of garlic (according to taste) into slices, making sure that they are fairly thick. Fry in olive oil until they are golden brown (don't burn them, they'll add a bitter taste). Once golden use the ti of a knife to remove the slices from the oil and pour the now flavoured oil over the pasta. Delicous. It works even better if you add a chilli to the oil.

Garlic soup

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Metal Chicken

There's a wonderful Portugese garlic soup which I'm afraid I don't have a real recipe for. It consists of a basic stock and lots of cloves of garlic. Nothing else. Sometimes as a special treat,they break an egg into the bowl for a poached egg topping. Makes for a wonderful lunchtime snack.

Garlic soup

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Yeah, I make that one a lot - I didn't know it was a Portuguese recipe, though! I usually add rice (arborio rice is good for this), eschallots and chives to a mixture of two cups of chicken stock and a full bulb of garlic, the whole lot simmered for about half an hour. I like the poached egg topping trick, too, although that's usually a bit hard to do without some serious effort, and it adds a lot of protein to what would otherwise be a virtually fat-free meal.

It's an excellent cold remedy, and tastes pretty nice even if you don't have a cold...smiley - winkeye!

Garlic soup

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Researcher 93445

For another high-power treat, try some garlic scrambled eggs. Slice about four cloves of garlic into thin pieces, heat a couple tablespoons of butter in a heavy skillet, and saute for a few minutes. Then add 3 beaten eggs and scramble. Serve with cheese and hot sauce.

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