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Strange dancing?

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I have to admitt that i have often wondered about the "strange dancing" that happens in TOTPS.

I would say that it is just not confined to TOTP. People dancing on TV looks really strange no matter what they are dancing to.
I can put this down to the following reasons....

1. Nobody wants to really go for it and knock out all of their best moves, for fear at being laughed at, and loads of other people stealing their moves.

2. Drink is not served at these TV events therefore many people lack the courage to actually move. Thus they just mop about trying to look like they are actually enjoying themselves!

3. If you have ever been to a club sober you will notice that about 99% of people have about a 1 minute dance which they just repeat all night!

4. do you actually know anybody who has ever been to TOTP? Why would they want to go? where do they come from? What about the possibilty that they are clones and are just dressed different every week!
This would explain everything!

Ever done it round a fire?

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Little Big Thumb of the grand hor-ney wacking order

I think the original comment was with regards to the dancers on stage and not the masses of plebs who gather around world famous presenters such as Timmy Mallot and Jamie Theakson.

Aside from that Lord Smooth everything you say it strictly true. I have being doing a lot of driving lately and go clubbing somewhat sober. I too have noticed that most people dance on a 1 minute cycle. The best dancers cannot do anything more than 3-4 mintues and then repeat it.

Because of this i've found that i'm embarrased to dance while out. I feel embarrased for others that try to dance. I have become extremly cynical of anyone who dances and instead find myself craving for a higher place where i can THINK LIKE A MAN and not like a robot with the creation span of 1 to 4 minutes.

Thats why I smoke.

Thats why i now smoke regularly.

Thats why alcohol is bad.

Thats why the use clones on TOTP.

DIY nightclub

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In response to that..
Do you think that is why so many people drink till they puke
and smoke like a train all night?
This way they would avoid dancing alot more as they are "drinking/Smoking"?
But it all comes down to what people actually want to do when they go out.
Do people go to a club to
A. Dance
B. Drink
C. Smoke
D. Touch
E. a mixture of all?

These things can be done from the safety of ones house
(well almost)
invite your mates round to you NEW club in your living room, dont let them all in because one of them is wearing trainers and you just dont like the look of the other one. If they get upset beat them up.
Then charge your friends large amounts of money to get in, charge £3 for a drink you can get for 79P stand on there feet, spill drink on them, burn them with your fags, kick them out at 3:00Am and empty there pockets when they leave the coat in the cloak room!

Thats way staying in is the new going out?
Yeah right!!
Its all the fun of a good night out.

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