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Blue Coat School

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There's a small amendment required regarding the "Bluecoat/Bluecoats" school.

The correct name is actually the "Blue Coat" (two words) School. The school was founded primarily by mariner Bryan Blundell (who apparently wanted to make amends for participating the slave trade) and the Rector of Liverpool Reverend Robert Styth in 1708. The Blue Coat School still exists, although it moved from the central Liverpool premises now occupied by the Bluecoat (correct spelling) Arts Centre to its current location in the South Liverpool suburb of Wavertree in 1906.

More information can be found on the school and its history at its official website: http://www.bluecoatschool.net

The Bluecoat Arts Centre's site is at: http://www.bluecoatartscentre.com

(Sorry - this is effectively a cross post as I accidentally put it in the peer review to the pre-edited version of this entry.)

Blue Coat School

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Thank you kingoftheshow smiley - smileysmiley - ta

That should be noted for a future update of the entry.

Did you go there? Why is it called the Blue Coat School?

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Blue Coat School

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Thanks smiley - smiley. I was there from 1983 to 1990. I'm pretty sure it was called the Blue Coat because - smiley - laugh shock - the original uniform was a blue coat. Some information about other Blue Coat schools set up as similar charitable foundations around the country is available on the Liverpool Blue Coat School's history page - together with photos of figurines in the original uniforms: http://www.bluecoatschool.net/index.php?sec=4

Blue Coat School

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What's that boy holding? smiley - erm

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