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Where to find the text

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

In case anybody is interested, the text of the satanic bible can be found at http://satanic-bible.tripod.com/

Where to find the text

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I'm sorry to report that the text seems to have been (re)moved. I couldn't find it.smiley - wah
I hope someone else can find it.


Where to find the text

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Tube - the being being back for the time being

Just search google for "Satanic Bible" ...

Where to find the text

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The text was removed more than likely because it was an illegal copy. The Satanic Bible is an extremely cheap book (£7 UK) and can be bought online at places like Amazon, as well as through The Church of Satan Emporium (visit http://www.churchofsatan.com and there will be a link there) - most bookstores usually carry at least one copy these days, or will order it for you.

There. No excuse. smiley - smiley

Free will, free choice, free access

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An Infinite Number of Monkeys

I have debated this tunnel vision idea of `Satanism a`la LeVey` before and was as astounded then as I am now by the attitude towards copyright. In his attempts to promote free will and personal responsibility LeVey appears to have spawned nothing but a race of Capitalist Satanists.
This obsession seems to me to be part of the same beast that tries to convince us that Satanism (tm) is the only form of adversary worship out there and that any other (historical) use of the S word is incorrect.
I have read TSB, downloaded off the net and understand where LeVey comes from although I have little respect for him. Many people have said the same things much more eloquently. The thing that gets me is that a large part of the message is `think for yourself`. Why is it that so few people calling themselves Satanists are prepared to do this?

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