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Why Satanists call themselves Satanists

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Genetisch Gott

Y'know what? I actually think those are very entertaining ideas! I'd be surprised if no one has thought of that before, but I've never heard of it. smiley - smiley

Why Satanists call themselves Satanists

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we are consistent in our beliefs - i mean, satanism is about indulgence (sexual and otherwise), but it also has rules to not harm young children. It`s also about embracing animal instincts, so yes, logically it might seem inconsistent, but the not harming young children is a moral thing. I know you said about being held acocuntable to morals if we embrace our inner animal,but animals don`t get mental urges like we do - their desires are simply the survival instinct. We are more complicated than that, and if you ask me, paedophilia is a mental disease. its not a desire, its a disease.

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Why Satanists call themselves Satanists

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