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In Edinburgh the term we use is 'schemies' as they generally come from council housing schemes. Many of the characters in the novels by Irvine Welsh are 'schemies' and there's a line in the book 'Glue' which goes something like:

"You can take the schemie out of the scheme but you can't take the scheme out of the schemie."

I think the term may be in decline thanks to the very popular 'news interpreted for the neds' sketch in 'Chewin' The Fat' and major debates on neds vs goths in the Metro.

The terms chav and chavette are also quite popular in Edinburgh, with their infamous nasal greeting "haw-haw!"


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Beer Elf

Hmm .. I've probably got this one wrong, but I thought that the Schemie was the equvalent to Chav or Charver, or Kev/Sharon.. And that Neds were a bit more like gangsters?


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I've never heard 'ned' used for gangster types but then I'm from Edinburgh and I've only ever heard the Glaswegian version. That's kind of like the Kevins and Sharons, who wear sovereign rings, track suits or more commonly nowadays, burberry everything. But they're also recognisable by the Glasgow slang and nasal voice.


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When I was a kid the word Chav was used by the local gypsy community to denote a someone they deemed a mate (friend)



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We only have 'Charvas', 'Goths' and 'Skater Dudes' in Northumberland.

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