A Conversation for Subcultures of the British Teenage Population


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rooftiler - back again, for another bit at least

Good article! Thanks for clarifying these differences.

Incidentally, following a recent discussion/storm in a teacup in the Scottish Parliament and the letters page of the Scottish Metro, it was alleged that the name 'Ned' derived from 'Non-Educated Delinquent'.

Anyone like to confirm or refute this?



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tis true, though some other alligators (?) allege that neds may also stand for needlessly external dire socks, after their particualar fashion habits. anyone wishing more information on glasgow ned culture would do well to look at glasgowsurvival.co.uk

go on enjoy yourselves!


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I always thought 'ned' was short for skinhead.


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Good article, but I think it needs an update to include new trends such as the "jordanista"- refering to those who idolise Jordan and aspire to be her. also known as "tangoes" for thier characteristic orange colouring.
also maybe something about the growing "straight- edge" culture?
challenge to find much accurate info unless you know someone who is straight edge.....


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Straight Edge isn't a 'growing' sub-culture, its been around since the 1980's

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