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Orkney and the nearby Caithness also harbour unique fossil fish from the Devonian era, species that are found nowhere else in the world.

The area used to be a small sea, closed in where the fish evolved on their own.


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Well, Orkney beaches certainly have heaps of fossils on the rocks. Especially 'shadow' fossils of fronded plants up in the nw of the mainland.

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I don't know aout Orkney myself, but in Caithness there a lot of illegal fossil hunters (you aren't supposed to remove more than a certain weight out of the country, and can't remove more than a certain weight from the site itself per visit.)

There was one terrible occasion on Sandside Beach (near Dounreay) where some foreign fossil collectors (who a local fossil expert had refused to take hunting) dug a huge hole in the sand and through the bedrock and smashed, destroyed and damaged a whole bunch or fairly good quality specimens to get to a few excellent ones below. It was dreadful.

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