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The British Empire wasn't the largest and greatest empire for nothing; it was down to the education of the generals, the tactics they employed and the technological advancements that the British achieved.

Your comment of "The Empire came to greatness by killing lots of people less sharply armed than themselves and stealing their countries" is not a comment that is excusive to the British Empire. That comment can be made about any empire in history - I just needed to let that fact be known.

The British Empire was the biggest and richest empire the world has ever seen, as was their aim and although this was done by invading and taking wealth from other, the same can be said about the Roman Empire. There is no doubt that both empires benefited the world community by spreading their technologies and cultures to different parts of the world. A lot of countries are where they are today because of the British Empire (Australian, New Zealand, USA). I also concede that places in Africa are still fighting today because of it.

There are good and bad points to be made about any subjects and I just thought that you need to even the points in your article

Even things up

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Exclusive I think I was looking for there!!! smiley - winkeye

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