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The Irish Empire

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The Irish Empire is more spiritual and far reaching than the British Empire ever was. Think about it - in almost every country an Irish priest is doing his rounds - and you cannot watch television anywhere without coming across a Terry Wogan clone. They also dominate the police force in New York and Boston - as well as Australian politics. As an Irish descendant myself I hopefully cannot be charged with racism. (fingers crossed).

The Irish Empire

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It's a moot point, but the Scottish do this too... I was watching a Russian folk band called Otavo Yo (lots of stuff on YouTube - infectious music!) and they're as Russian as you can possibly get, anywhere - five blokes and a girl doing folk tunes, like a Russian Steeleye Span. In the middle of a Russian peasant number, blow me, one of the blokes suddenly, from somewhere in musician's hammerspace, pulled out a set of bagpipes and started playing. A Russian band. Russian song. With bagpipes. No tartan on the bag - so I found myself wondering. Who got to Russia with the bagpipes and taught the locals - the Irish or the Scots?

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