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Crime fighting

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Methadone is a strange analogy for the beef war ...dont you think pleas attempt to explain this comparison.


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Britain isn't a monarchy or a democracy - it's a tabloidocracy. The Sun is the head of state and The Mirror forms the main opposition party.

Seriously though, I think we should return to full monarchy instead of the puppet government we have now. Restore the House of Lords to it's former glory and reform the House of Parliament. At the moment, parliament comes up with some half-baked idea for filling the country full of undesirables or taking more money off people who work for a living to give it to scroungers. The public complain and the House of Lords (not because the public complaining) try to knock some sense into the MP's. The MP's take exception to being told their stupid ideas are stupid and force their stupid ideas into law. Eventually, Tony Blair, bright spark that he is, realises that parliament could pass a law to stop the Lords from opposing their stupid ideas. So they do. And they have. And now Parliament can shove through any old rubbish like gay marriages or increased taxes and there's nobody there to stop them.

Much simpler solution, tell Tony Blair and his cronies to bog off and get on with less important things and give the Lords and the Queen the job of bringing some common sense back into politics. Parliament could legislate on useful things like roads, crime, etc. and the Lords would oversee them. The Lords would legislate on important matters like national security, war, etc. and the Queen oversees them. Ultimate decision, obviously, would lie with the Queen, no arguing, no bickering, no sleaze (well not too much), no party policitcs.

I may sound flippant but I do think the country would be better off this way. The only alternative would be to stay the way we are but have shed loads of referenda like the Swiss do. The opportunity to vote on any piece of legislation that interests you would be good.


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"Tony fills her place admirably) - well who looks silly now ? eh !

Crime fighting

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You are such a bumptious gimp!

The British Empire lives on...

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That's been the British way since Caesar:"Divide & conquer:", now continued on by their American sons.

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