A Conversation for The British Empire

For all the evils...

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... England actually did the world a foavour during their conquering drive.
Take South Africa for instance.
The descendants of the English are the star citizens of the country. You'll never hear of a 'Smith' or 'Thompson' perpetrating racial abuse...
I'm obviously generalising, but the point I'm trying to make is that English occupation in South Africa actually made it a better place to stay in (even though it has to be said that Churchill was a bit of a maniac, what with the concentration camps and all)

God save the queen!!

(from a proud South African)

For all the evils...

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As an Indian expatriate, I have to say I agree with the sentiments. Embarrassing though it is to admit, I know more of and about Shakespeare than of our own Nobel bard, Rabindranath Tagore (he who coined "Mahatma" for Gandhi and who hails from my own state of Bengal!). And I fear I'm the not alone in my ignorance

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