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Got a blog?

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Is mise Duncan

mine is at http://www.merrioncomputing.com/blog - if you want to see how not to do it...

Got a blog?

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

I'm at http://miki.typepad.com

smiley - mouse

Got a blog?

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Very nice. Hopefully mine is ok.




I have many!

sign up for one, they are good and they are getting popular!

bye and thankyou

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Greta_9, Keeper of the 4/4 Beat and Deep Sexy Basslines, in a strange condition

Yup, indeed.

Won't be of any interest to the best part of this community as it's written in Italian, but:


Opening the blog was one of the wisest choices I ever made, both socially and professionally. Once you're out there, there's no telling who might read your musings: in my case, lots of new friends, a boyfriend (smiley - love) and several publishers to boot. Result! smiley - biggrin

Got a blog?

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I have one at http://thepanda.org/


Got a blog?

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Researcher U2562781

I use to have a blog in the form of the msn space and also the google blogger, however I deleted it.

I am looking to make a fresh new blog page, however the skin on the two I previously used were not to my likeness and it form was boring, was hoping to make a website but didn’t get round to it.

If anyone knows of any good blog services that are free to use please can you post the link. Many thanks in advanced.

Got a blog?

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Live Journal? http://www.livejournal.com

smiley - biggrin

Got a blog?

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I would recommend either livejournal or wordpress.

Mine is at http://www.cruisetheoceanswithemma.com

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