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spontaneous ejaculation

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Could I ask all you experts on male masturbation whether they have ever ejaculated spontaneously, i.e. without any physical stimulation of the penis?

I know of one such example and am curious to know how often it occurs?


spontaneous ejaculation

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Only during sleep aka wet dream.
Generall just a good dream with a hot female, involing sex. Then you wake up and realize that you're gonig to have to change the sheets.

And try explaining it the morning after you've had sex.

spontaneous ejaculation

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not truly spontaneous but before physical contact, this occured to me once whilst stimulating a girlfriend. To be truly spontaneous, a blessing or a curse ?

spontaneous ejaculation

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There is a health and safety issue here scallagrig make sure your girl has proper eye protection just in case!

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spontaneous ejaculation

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It is possible to invoke ejaculation without touching your penis (this is known as psychic masturbation) but it requires concentration and, often, the use of abdominal muscles that you may not realise you have! If he practises enough, a man can achieve 'dry' orgasm. Admittedly, this isn't much use on your own but, unlike a 'wet' orgasm, you stay hard afterwards- v useful when with partner smiley - smiley (not that I've ever managed it when not by myself!)

spontaneous ejaculation

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Many, many times... Without direct penus stimulation... This can often as stated, produce a 'dry orgasm', or, probably more accurately, an male orgasm, without ejaculation... Or, as I really think of it now, its a full body orgasm, as it is very differnt to the orgasm that one has on penis stimulation, 'normal' mastibation, and lasts an awful lot longer and is a lot more intense...
Sadly, I've as yet managed to figure out how to do this whilst on my own; As its only my current partner who can do this to me... smiley - blushsmiley - loveblush err... basically not involving any penus contact, but manipulation of other areas, which, for me at least is the breasts and nipples... smiley - blushsmiley - handcuffs

spontaneous ejaculation

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Hahahah yes it can happen sometimes, but as far as I know it is quite rare. That happens when a man is very excited so that just a twich of his legs can stimulate him neough to ejaculate.

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