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Revisionist historians

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As you show, there are many very differnt ways to be revisionist, from Holocaust-deniers to underdog-supporters.

Irish history has several scholars who are not ashamed to call themselves revisionist, such as Roy Foster. The revision in this case is often along the lines that British input into Irish history was not all as baleful as Irish school history books imply. Plenty of it was, but the nationalist rhetoric of the last 150 years has been excessive.

Rehabilitating the overdogs? Perhaps it should be said clearly in the Entry that revisionism can come from very different angles.

Revisionist historians

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Estelendur (AKA Esty)

smiley - bigeyes I think my Social Studies teacher teaches revisionistly.

Revisionist historians

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Most Revisionist history was about challenging the Marxist and economic determinist views which were orthodox in most fields of history back in the 50s and 60s.

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