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No Spleen - No Donations

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Because I had my spleen removed more than 20 years ago, I can't give blood. The reason I was given for this is as follows;

The tiny entry point the needle leaves in your arm could, potentially, become infected.
People without a spleen can find it harder to fight infections.

So, depite being in good health and with an excellent record of avoiding infections over the last 22 years, I'm not allowed to make the decison myself over the potential risk to my health. I've offered to sign any kind of "it's my fault" document in case I did get an infection, but they just won't budge.smiley - erm

I'm in Edinburgh, I don't know if this a Health Authority thing. Any one else not able to donate because of this, or is it OK in your region?

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No Spleen - No Donations

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