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A literal interpretation of the phrase 'Shooting Star Wars'

Here's a fun word game.

How to Play

You take the whole name of a person and then add on the surname of another person. The tricky bit is that the second person's first name has to be the same as the first person's last name. You then insert a witty comment to go before it, alluding to your newly invented character and Bob's your uncle - you have a game fit for I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue, or at least a means of filling many, many pages of h2g2.


Take Cliff Richard - well-known songster, celibate and Christian and add Richard Briers - actor in a series called The Good Life - BBC Comedy.

You could get:

The Too Good to be True Life
Cliff Richard Briers


An additional rule can be added which says you can take the name of anything and use it, which could give the following:

Bemused but aggressive animal found in the jungle
George W Bush Baby

Near Enough

It's down to individual players but you don't necessarily have to be perfect. Does it sound right? is probably good enough, as are:

Eat My Shorts, Philistines
Bart Simpson and Delilah

Of course the aim is to make them funny - have a go!

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