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Horley, Surrey, UK

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A small town in Surrey near Gatwick airport. In theory it is not on the flight path but is frequently flown over by navigationally-challenged aircraft.

Overshadowed by its flight-oriented neighbour and by Crawley1, Horley2 thanks Gatwick for the employment of its residents whilst bemoaning the constant noise its main business produces.

Horley is blessed with an assortment of Chinese, Indian, Italian and Spanish restaurants, not to mention a smattering of pubs and a night club. A lot of the take away restaurants deliver which is lucky as they are all situated in the most inconvenient places for parking.

As with most places, the local paper is full of stories about hooligans with nothing better to do than beat up anybody unfortunate enough to go out, and to wreck play areas and anything else anybody else might want to use. In fact, the media make a lot of noise about minor vandalism because there is little major crime in the area. With a new supermarket about to open Horley has everything, apart from anything to do, which might be why there is so much hooliganism.

Local roads cry out for traffic calming measures but all of those have been dumped in neighbouring Smallfield.

1Known locally as Creepy.2Known locally as Horny.

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