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Another "Ah yes, but ..."

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Cheerful Dragon

This is all very well. I'm a software engineer with my own PC (I'm using it now) and a dedicated line for Internet access. But can I find a company that will let me work from home? Can I heck! The problem is that a lot of companies don't trust their employees out of their sight. Until this changes, or until the UK Government starts to give companies incentives to let their employees work from home (to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads), working from home will just be a dream for a lot of us! smiley - sadface

Another "Ah yes, but ..."

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Tom I.

You may be right. For the big companies, there are mainly two ways into having home workers in their staff: Either somebody very good wants to move somewhere else, and the company does it all not to lose that someone. Or HR people read books telling them remote work is in, hot, hip and all that, and they encourage someone to work from home.

Newer startup companies are usually more open-minded, and the might even need the extra office provided when you are not there...

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Another "Ah yes, but ..."

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