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I have to give props to the Researcher...

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Matthew G P Coe

...for taking something that's taken so seriously that it's practically a religious and making it look completely ridiculous.

This is why if you want to know what's going on in the US, you have to read BBC or The Guardian -- an objective viewpoint to the comings and goings in that country. I don't trust CNN at all.

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I dont care what any1 says, I still struggle to think of it as a sport. I once watched a highlights programme and was bored stiff. The only reason it's a sport is because theres a ball and it would be 2 embarrising if bridge was a sport but America's top "sport" wasnt. The only reasons people do it is so they can say there active, be fat and be payed millions and the only reason they watch is because they're all hoping 4 another 'nipplegate'

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Bright Blue Shorts

Hi Glod ... how did you come to be posting on here if you're not interested by Amfoot?

Ignoring the fact that elite level sport is actually now a business ... how would you define a sport?

For me:
- It's competitive.
- It's skilled.
- It has codified rules, which are all pretty much objective.
- It's athletic and significantly raises the heart rate for the participants.

Given those requirements I'd ditch pastimes like golf, darts and bridge for the final reason.

The main arguments against Amfoot I have come across are:
- it takes too long and is all stop-start. Same as cricket and tennis then.
- they wear too much equipment. Rugby union players have levels of padding and helmets that were used in the NFL in the 1940s. Cycling, cricket, skateboarding, F1 all have much equipment.
- it's only played by the Americans. Well that doesn't stop it from being a sport. Rugby is only really played by about 20 nations.
- it's American. Difficult to argue against this one.
- as for boredom and lack of understanding - that's your personal problem. There are many millions who understand it and understand the finer points.

As for those fat, overpaid millionaires. They're all talented athletes, even the 20-stone 'fat guys' who have 34-inch vertical jumps and 10' standing jumps. Try comparing yourself against those benchmarks.

But anyway, I don't really think you posted to be persuaded or convinced about the merits of the game, so I'll leave you to your own little world.

Changing subject ... did you enjoy the entry at all?

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