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What is the point?

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Bright Blue Shorts

I asked whether you could put this up on Super Bowl weekend. Never actually got a reply, either way. It's been in "Recommended" status for 2 months. I actually wrote it back in 2002, but no-one could be arsed to get it out of PR back then.

No wonder I've lost interest ...

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What is the point?

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I'm sorry for the delay, which is due to the recently reduced rate of addition of new entries to the Edited Guide. I've, therefore, only had your entry for about a week, and will finish subediting it very soon. However, even once I've returned it to the Editors, it may be a few weeks, or even months, before it appears on the Front Page.


What is the point?

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

This is still in Recommended Status even after several more months. Will this ever be completed and added to the Guide?

Maybe in time for the Next Super Bowl in January 2005...

What is the point?

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Bright Blue Shorts

Well ... I don't think you could have picked a less interesting part of the year to be talking about the NFL.

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What is the point?

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Phoenician Trader

I think that it is a great entry.

Traditionally, the super bowl occurs on the Sunday nearest Jan 25 US time or January 26 in Australia - the same weekend as the Australia Day public holiday.

This means that it is broadcast live from about 9am-noon on a public holiday and that traditionally international cricket is played in Adelaide that weekend. It is also normally broadcast by an advertisement free television station that causes all sorts of problems as they try and fill the breaks (especially as no-one here knows the game at all).

People watch the Superbowl and then head down to Adelaide Oval to watch the Ozzies thrash the English for the 84th time running... It is one of the all time classic sporting weekends in these here parts.

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